We Approach Things Differently

When you partner with BMCG, you will quickly discover that we are not like other consultancies. Our approach, methodology, and services reflect our belief that in today’s economy, an institution’s reputation is its most valuable and fragile, intangible asset.

Thought Leadership

Core to our approach is our Reputational Risk Management Framework—a rigorous, comprehensive methodology that views reputational risk as a key driver of strategy, risk management, and preparedness.

This approach is evident in everything we do—in fact, we believe that a strategic, holistic approach and a culture that values reputation is the only way an organization can maintain an authority to lead, a right to operate, and an expectation of success over the long term.

Practical Know-How

While BMCG as a firm is just entering our eighth year, each member of our senior leadership team brings on average over thirty years of crisis, resiliency, emergency and change management experience.

We’re not just “book-smart” consultants. We’ve all worked on the “front lines” and have direct experience with significant issues and crises.

This Isn’t Our Side Hustle

Unlike an accounting, law, or public relations firm that does this on the side, we dedicate our focus to proactive reputational risk, crisis and change management—full stop. As a result, our goal, in fact our singular purpose, is to help you build an organizational culture in which reputation is viewed as a key asset and fundamental strategic input into decision-making.

Our Commitment

  • We truly are client-focused—in fact, we each left far larger organizations specifically to go back to what we do best, and most enjoy—working side-by-side with our clients.
  • Our team is your team—the team you meet is the same one that will do the work. We are committed to full and meaningful, long-term partnerships.
  • We are value-driven—our partnership and overall business model is designed to keep costs low.
  • We take what we do very seriously—but we also believe a little levity can build great relationships and help us all manage the magnitude of some of the issues and events to which we must respond.

We (literally) wrote the book on Higher Ed crisis management

In “Preventing Crises at Your University: The Playbook for Protecting Your Institution’s Reputation” (Johns Hopkins University Press, 2021), BMCG Managing Partner Simon Barker demonstrates how critical it is for colleges and universities to align strategy and values with decision-making during times of crisis. Highlighting key concepts through the presentation of case studies at colleges and universities; significant reputational damage, Barker asserts, is not the inevitable outcome of a crisis but of a poor response.

Crisis Management- Picture of the book