AGB Trusteeship Podcast:
Campus Activism and Protests

In AGB’s most downloaded podcast of the season, BMCG’s Simon Barker and Pam Roskowski discuss how the upcoming fall semester may bring challenges, and how boards plan to address these challenges over the summer. With an expected higher level of student activism when students return to campus in the fall, what can institutions expect and how can governing boards and administrations plan—together—to be prepared?

AGB Trusteeship:
The Role of the Board in Reducing Reputational Risk

In the Associations of Governing Board’s November/December issue of Trusteeship, Simon explores the role of the board in reducing reputational risk and poses three key questions that will help you move your institution from passive acceptance to proactive management of reputation risk. “The Role of the Board in Reducing Reputational Risk” identifies fundamental challenges affecting the industry, provides recommendations on how to approach reputational risk, and offers a maturity model to evaluate plan

University World News: Good News:
Crisis Management is Actually Not an Oxymoron

University World News recently published Simon’s Article, “Good News: Crisis Management is Actually Not an Oxymoron” in which he presents and explores the idea that the effectiveness of an institution’s response is the largest single determining factor in the impact of a crisis on the reputation of an institution. Simon emphasizes the importance of effective crisis response, poses challenging questions, and provides guidance on how to link decision-making to institutional values.