Blue Moon Consulting Group is a boutique consulting firm providing insight, counsel, and experience to help institutions effectively manage real-time response to significant change, issues, and crisis events. We also help mitigate issues and avoid crises altogether by creating effective change management strategies, developing proactive crisis, emergency, and resiliency plans; and by conducting actionable training, exercises, and leadership sessions.

It begins with a rigorous methodology.

Built on a solid risk management program, effective reputational risk management is a proactive framework and process that identifies strategic opportunities as well as risks; effectively manages crises or significant issues when they do arise; and creates a reservoir of goodwill among the multiple stakeholders an institution requires to thrive.

At Blue Moon Consulting Group our goal, in fact our singular purpose, is to help you build an organizational culture in which reputation is viewed as a key asset and fundamental strategic input into decision-making.


Issues. Crisis. Change.It’s what we do.

In the midst of a crisis, when events are unfolding rapidly, accurate information is scarce, and the pressure to respond is high; we provide the insight, counsel, and experience necessary to help you navigate the treacherous and fast-moving waters. But more importantly, we help you anticipate potential issues, find options, buy time, and avoid crises altogether through strategic change management and proactive issues and crisis planning.


We (literally) wrote the book on Higher Ed crisis management

In “Preventing Crises at Your University: The Playbook for Protecting Your Institution’s Reputation” (Johns Hopkins University Press, 2021), BMCG Managing Partner Simon Barker demonstrates how critical it is for colleges and universities to align strategy and values with decision-making during times of crisis. Highlighting key concepts through the presentation of case studies at colleges and universities; significant reputational damage, Barker asserts, is not the inevitable outcome of a crisis but of a poor response.

Crisis Management- Picture of the book

Thought leadership.Practical know-how.

Founded in 2014, Blue Moon Consulting Group is committed to helping you build innovative, sophisticated, and practiced programs to protect your hard-earned reputation. Our team brings, on average, over thirty years of first-hand, in-the-trenches experience. We’ve been involved in some of the largest crisis events in history and pioneered concepts in crisis and issues management. We’ve been there. We’ll help you prepare.