Why “Blue Moon?”

Metaphorically speaking a blue moon is a very rare event. In reality, blue moons are highly predictable and occur more often than most people realize. Likewise, threats to an organization’s reputation are predictable, frequent and require a proactive management approach.

Our Services

Blue Moon Consulting Group provides its clients insight, counsel, and experience to help them effectively manage real-time response to significant issues and crisis events.  We also help organizations mitigate issues and avoid crises altogether through the development of proactive issues management programs, the enhancement of crisis management and communications plans, and by conducting training, exercises and leadership sessions.

Focus Areas:

Higher Education


Issue Areas:

Business Resiliency

Workplace Violence

Cyber Risk

Our Partners

Over the years, our team has established relationships with leaders in a variety of related and complementary fields.  Aligned with our overall strategy and philosophy, our partners bring expertise to our clients in the following areas – business continuity planning, emergency response planning, product recall plan planning, security assessments, confidential investigations, child abuse prevention, legal advice, psychological counseling services, as well primary stakeholder research.

Our Clients

Blue Moon Consulting Group supports clients in all industries, including energy, financial services, transportation, consumer goods, food and beverage, as well as retail and hospitality.  In addition, we have a deeper and strategic focus on clients in higher education, healthcare and in technology.  We take our clients’ confidentiality seriously but references and experience in specific industry segments is available upon request.