Crisis Management

Our firm belief is that an organization’s response to a crisis can have a larger impact on the business viability and reputation of the organization than the underlying event or issue itself.

Managed poorly and the response is going to be remembered and the reputational damage significant.  Managed well and the reputation of the organization and its leadership can be burnished.

Crisis Management Is Not An Oxymoron

That crisis management is not an oxymoron is great news to anyone who is concerned about protecting the reputation of his or her organization.  It means that it is possible to effectively manage the crisis and develop the capability to apply a disciplined and repeatable process to mitigate, if not prevent, the consequences of a significant adverse issue or event.  It is not just process, of course, but about having the right organizational mindset that actively incorporates reputational risk into its decision-making process.  But being “possible” doesn’t make it easy.  And all too often, the impact of a crisis is unnecessarily exacerbated by an ineffective response.

The Odds Are Not In Your Favor

Unfortunately, the odds of success are stacked against you in a crisis.  First, something has gone or is about to go seriously wrong.  Second, stakeholder scrutiny will be intense and leadership decisions will be critiqued with the clarity that only hindsight can provide.  Third, without a defined team process, the challenges of group-think are exacerbated in a crisis leading to sub-optimal analysis and decision-making.  Fourth, organizations are typically slow to recognize the gravity of the situation they are about to face and are not proactive.  And finally, as we say, “Optimism is not a strategy” yet wishful thinking often becomes the modus operandi.

Our team has been in the trenches with organizations in crisis for decades and we know what works, what doesn’t, and how to prevent needlessly making the situation even worse.  We’ll help you avoid the mistakes that many organizations make as well as seize potential opportunities that a crisis can present.  We take that knowledge and experience and through a collaborative process, help your organization develop or enhance your crisis management and crisis communications plans.

Crisis Management Plan Development

A crisis is too important to make it up as you go along. Get cross-functional support and buy-in for a defined, consistent and repeatable management process

Crisis Communication Plan Development

Crisis communications is the tip of the spear in many crisis and issues events. Prevent slow, inconsistent or inadequate communications that can cause immeasurable damage to your credibility.

Issues Management

Be sure to align your crisis management plan with a proactive issues management strategy for a fully integrated approach to protecting your reputation.