Daily headlines remind us of the threat and impact of violence on our community. In its most extreme form—active shooter/mass casualty—these events are sudden, unexpected, and high-profile and can have a profound impact on students, parents, faculty, and staff and the trust they have in the safety of their classrooms, residences, and workplaces. In this session, we will review steps that your team can take now to develop a broad and holistic approach to mitigate, respond to, and manage the impacts and consequences of this most troubling of risks including:

  • Establishing Prevention Programs
  • Planning an Operational and Strategic Response
  • What to expect when police arrive
  • The importance of interfacing with and organizing first responders, governmental agencies and the myriad of other civic and volunteer organizations responding to the event
  • Humanitarian Assistance considerations
  • Understanding the long-term impact—guidance and planning for vigils, memorials, & charities