The April 2018 shooting at YouTube headquarters raised many significant concerns about safety and security preparedness at large tech companies. A major global cloud computing company with multi-billion-dollar revenues engaged BMCG to rapidly design, build, and implement a tailored active shooter training and exercise program at multiple locations and facilities on five continents in native languages and complete it all in less than one year.

Actions / Recommendations:

  • Developed roles, responsibilities, checklists, training, and exercise products tailored for each site, country, and language.
  • Deployed a progressive exercise approach starting with tabletop exercises at 16 sites globally, returning 3 months later to conduct more advanced full-functional exercises.
  • Dramatically increased the realism of the exercises through robust custom injects, including culturally appropriate video news reports done in local dialect.
  • Increased effectiveness of the exercises by coordinating participation of local government officials, law enforcement and fire rescue, all in the native language.
  • Provided customized on-site in-country training and exercise facilitation support at all locations, working alongside the organization’s most senior global leaders.
  • Developed and completed 25 tailored tabletop and functional exercises across Europe, Asia and the United States using our robust four-step process of Exercise Design, Development, Conduct, and Evaluation.
  • Delivered an extensive report using a sophisticated and consistent scoring rubric developed to assess performance and preparedness at multiple sites, countries, and cultures.


The scope of work was significant for this holistic effort. In total, 36 exercises were completed, and a global wrap-up report delivered in 10 months. The exercises and report helped identify and close significant across-the-board gaps in security as well as improvements needed in crisis management and coordination between the headquarters operations center in California, regional crisis management teams, and units around the world. The results were adopted by leadership and implemented globally.