A Fortune 50 technology company had grown exponentially but its crisis management program had not kept pace. Despite a rapidly expanding global footprint, crisis management continued to be driven and managed centrally by the company’s U.S. headquarters. This structure hindered timely and effective escalation of issues and slowed response, thus putting the company at greater risk. BMCG was retained to evaluate and then redesign an enhanced, globally-aligned crisis management program.

Actions / Recommendations:

  • Launched a strategic program assessment, reviewing all pertinent plan documents and interviewing 20+ Crisis Management Team members from around the world
  • Analyzed data including the types of incidents they responded to, escalation process, when the team was activated, and information flow during activation
  • Redesigned team structure and operations to include regional crisis management teams
  • Revised and strengthened the “Crisis Management Playbook” to increase consistency in response
  • Standardized tools and supporting checklists to guide response based on function and level (site > country > region > HQ)


Client implemented all recommendations, leading to a comprehensive crisis management plan able to be executed consistently in all locations. The plan empowered leaders in every region to react swiftly and effectively onsite, escalating as necessary and appropriate to HQ.