Blue Supermoon

On August 30th, celebrate the Blue Supermoon with Blue Moon Consulting Group

Blue Supermoon Cocktail

Recipe can be found at bottom of page

August 30, 2023 Blue Supermoon

The Blue Supermoon is an extraordinary lunar event that combines a blue moon with the mesmerizing brilliance of a supermoon. While the phrase “once in a blue moon” implies rarity, blue moons themselves occur approximately every two and a half years. However, the Blue Supermoon is an even more exceptional occurrence, with the next one not until 2032.

What makes this Blue Supermoon even more special is its remarkable proximity to Earth. Clocking in at just 222,043 miles away, this August’s supermoon will be the biggest and brightest moon of 2023.

Join us in marveling at this remarkable celestial event while drinking a Blue Supermoon cocktail–or mocktail–on August 30!

Additional Information

Why Blue Moon Consulting Group?

Metaphorically speaking a blue moon is a very rare event. In reality, blue moons are highly predictable and occur more often than most people realize. Likewise, threats to an organization’s reputation are predictable, frequent and require a proactive management approach.

Founded in 2014, our team brings on average over thirty years of crisis management, issues management, crisis communications, and management consulting experience to our clients. We have been involved in some of the largest crisis events in history and pioneered concepts in crisis management and issues management.

Some resources to proactively prepare for these predictable threats:

Crisis exercises- black and white photo of people gathered around a table under a sign that says
connect with myriad stakeholders in meaningful ways under the most difficult of circumstances

Blue Supermoon Cocktail



  1. In a small pitcher, steep the Butterfly Pea teabag in one cup of boiling water and let cool completely. Pour 1/2 into your ice sphere & freeze overnight. Safe the other 1/2 in your fridge.
  2. Mix the lemonade packet with 1 cup of still or sparkling water and pour over your blue moon ice sphere.
  3. Add a shot or two of your favorite adult beverage for magic (or as necessary).
  4. Add the second 1/2 of the Butterfly Pea tea, and garnish.

We (literally) wrote the book on Higher Ed crisis management

In “Preventing Crises at Your University: The Playbook for Protecting Your Institution’s Reputation” (Johns Hopkins University Press, 2021), BMCG Managing Partner Simon Barker demonstrates how critical it is for colleges and universities to align strategy and values with decision-making during times of crisis. Highlighting key concepts through the presentation of case studies at colleges and universities; significant reputational damage, Barker asserts, is not the inevitable outcome of a crisis but of a poor response.

Crisis Management- Picture of the book