Amie Hixon


Amie leads BMCG’s approach to social media listening and leverages quantitative and qualitative tools to provide clients with insightful, actionable analysis for informed decision-making. She ensures that our clients are able to clearly visualize and understand stakeholder dialogue, sentiment, and engagement relative to key inflection points, issues, and events in a time when social media listening has become an imperative aspect of managing reputational risk–and often serves as an early warning system for issues and crises. In addition to augmenting media monitoring capabilities, Amie works in partnership with client teams to develop microsites, presentations, and other communications tools that increase stakeholder support and build confidence in leadership.

Amie also supports the development of tailored crisis management, crisis communications, and emergency operations plans as well as functional checklists that helps ensure fast, clear and consistent and coordinated response. She also researches and writes many of our client exercises resulting in realistic and engaging scenarios aligned to learning objectives.

A certified Associate Business Continuity Professional, she collaborates with the greater team to ensure clients build a comprehensive capability—from risk assessments to BIAs to exercises—to respond to the inevitable and withstand today’s highly-scrutinized operating environment.