Issues & Crisis Events

When every move is critical and your leadership is under intense scrutiny, Blue Moon Consulting Group can provide the experience, common sense, and crucial “outside” perspective that you need.  Our team has provided advice and counsel to organizations in the midst of crises for decades and will provide the support you need to avoid common mistakes and seize potential opportunities.

Strategy & Decision-Making Support

Contrary to expectations, our experience suggests that crises and other significant issues are actually rather predictable with a certain rhythm and pattern.  Over time, working with clients on a variety of challenging issues, we’ve developed best-in-class methodology to ensure that you not only survive but emerge a stronger organization.

We help you:

  • Respond in a way that meets stakeholder expectations
  • Be proactive in your approach, thinking through potential impacts and consequences of decisions
  • Manage efficiently through instituting a formalized meeting process – we do not accept chaos and dysfunction as an acceptable or unavoidable crisis operating model
  • Identify potential strategic upside opportunities, not just manage the downside
  • Instill the discipline to only close out the response once an action plan has been developed and agreed for each identified strategic issue
  • Transition successfully to a defined internal team to manage the crisis/issue going forward

In addition to decision-making support, Blue Moon Consulting Group also provides crisis communications support.