Crisis Communications

In-house communications teams are typically very capable at marketing and promoting your organization. However, trying to prevent something from becoming newsworthy requires quite a different mind-set. Blue Moon Consulting Group can supplement the communications capabilities of an existing team in situations where a client does not have the depth of experience or bandwidth required.

No “Wag-The-Dog” Here

We take a stakeholder-centric approach to communications.  We believe our primary responsibility is to meet the expectations and information needs of individuals and groups critical to the on-going success of our clients.  Meeting the needs of those most directly impacted—whether employees, customers, partners, regulatory / governmental bodies etc.—is the most effective way to shape the perception of other stakeholders, such as the media.  And, while we recognize the influence media and social media can have on the perception of the response by the organization, we strive to avoid “wag-the-dog” communications strategies which typically have unintended consequences and can serve to increase interest levels as well as expectations going forward.

Our services include communications strategy development, message development, and stakeholder materials development.  We also provide on-the-spot media relations advice and counsel, and media training for identified spokespeople as required.