Spokesperson Training/Crisis Communications Workshops

In today’s highly competitive, 24-hour news cycle, every executive needs to be prepared to face the media – whether on camera, on-line, or in editorial board meetings with prominent newspapers.  While most organizations have very capable communications teams who can handle the day-in, day-out requests of media, both traditional and social; there are occasions when it is critical to have leaders step up and represent your organization directly.  Invariably, those times are when the most is at stake – either due to the importance of a new initiative or because the company is facing a crisis.

The high stakes of these situations coupled with their relative infrequency makes these encounters with reporters particularly risky for executives.  They are also situations in which the reputation of the company and the relationship with its critical stakeholders can either by strengthened or severely damaged.  This training, by providing practical guidance, will, not only help executives manage challenging media interviews but also strengthen their ability to communicate with all stakeholders, be they customers, investors, business partners, governmental authorities or employees.

Workshop Objectives

  1. Increase executive understanding of how the media works, how to handle tough questions and the art of media relations
  2. “Stress-test” executives ability in one-on-one simulated media interviews based on agreed industry-specific scenarios / issues
  3. Identify opportunities for improvement both regarding executives performance as well as clarity of overall communications policies, crisis management plans, messaging and readiness to respond