Crisis Management Exercises

We don’t spoon-feed.  We like ambiguity and lack of information.   We demand realism and don’t allow cozy assumptions.  Crises are hard.  Sugarcoating during an exercise doesn’t help.

At Blue Moon Consulting Group, we take our hard-learned lessons in helping clients manage real-time issues and crises and apply them to our training and exercising programs.  We believe it is critical that anyone who is developing a crisis management exercise actually has first-hand experience of what it is like to be in the midst of a crisis.

From Table Top To Full-Scale, Multi-Day, Multi-Location Exercises

We have conducted hundreds of exercises for clients around the world ranging from a two-hour tabletop exercise to multi-day, multi-team, and multi-location functional and full-scale exercises.  Whatever the scope of the exercise, or the specific issue of concern, we always start all engagements by defining and agreeing to specific learning objectives.  During the development phase, which can last from a couple of weeks to many months depending on the complexity and scale of the exercise, we work to ensure realism in the scenario situation, realistic timeframes, and likely impacts and consequences.  During the exercise itself, we create a no-fault environment that encourages active participation to make the time valuable for all.  If appropriate based on the type of exercise, we provide expert guidance and facilitation.  Finally, an evaluation report assesses the exercise based on learning objectives in combination with candid participant feedback.  Our report captures what went well, what didn’t, and provides a concrete set of recommendations for going-forward.

Evaluating Your Program & Team

If you manage a mature program and are looking to reinvigorate engagement or determine if it remains up to current “best-practice” standards, an exercise is a great way to evaluate your program and team.  In addition, it provides an excellent entre to working with Blue Moon Consulting Group if you have not worked with us in the past.  Alternately, if you are not sure what you need but are looking for something different than a formal assessment process, an exercise can be an excellent way to identify priorities and increase organizational awareness about the importance of crisis management.