Crisis Readiness Assessment

At Blue Moon Consulting Group, we don’t just focus on documented response plans — we evaluate the culture of your firm, the capability of your team, the alignment with other response processes as well as, critically, the degree to which your issues management program is aligned to your risks and your strategy. We’ll assess your organization against 42 specific criteria using methodology that our team has fine-tuned over the years.

Crisis Management:

We assess your program by looking at your response structure and team roles, issue and event reporting, team operations, alignment with business continuity, emergency response, issue-specific incident management protocols (i.e. data breach), as well as crisis communications.  We also look at your organization’s “Culture and Capability” including leadership and management culture, key criteria in decision-making, perception of the effectiveness of response to recent events (the good, the bad and the ugly) and finally the degree to which those who are required to implement plans are familiar with them.

Issues Management:

For issues management, we look at all of the above but layer in additional criteria, including the level of understanding of stakeholder perspective, how issues are evaluated and decisions made, the alignment of your social responsibility program with issues and business strategy, and finally the effectiveness of your stakeholder engagement strategies.  If none of these are in place formally, we’ll get to understand informal approaches and working assumptions.

Through a combination of document review and in-person interviews, the capabilities assessment will identify any critical gaps, detail tangible steps to improve existing capabilities and provide actionable recommendations on how to reduce reputational risk through enhancing the organization’s approach to issues and crisis management.