Crisis Communication Plan Development

Communications is a strategic function that must be actively incorporated into the decision-making process during a crisis or significant issue.  Effective communications will shape your stakeholders’ perception of the adequacy of your response and decision-making. Meeting the communications expectations of varied stakeholders is a large and, if not properly managed, a sometimes overwhelming task.  Likewise, missteps in communications can have an outsized influence and significantly damage the credibility of the organization and its management team.

Our Crisis Communications Plans Help Ensure:

  • Fast and expeditious approval of messaging at the time of an issue or crisis
  • Defined team operations to enable consistent and coordinated messaging that extends across stakeholder, including where applicable investor relations, customer relations, government relations, as well as more typical employee communications and external relations (media, analysts, web, social)
  • Rules of engagement for non-communications staff who may have to face media
  • Various tools and forms for effective team operations as well as to institutionalize messaging and response
  • Defined feedback loops to incorporate into both communications strategy as well as overall crisis management response
  • Pre-agreed and approved messaging for a specific number of issues / risks to expedite response at time of event, including holding statements, hard Q&As etc.
  • Clear alignment and effective coordination between communications teams and any other activated response team including the crisis management team.

Blue Moon Consulting Group also often develops complementary toolkits to provide guidance and advice to front-line management at an impacted location about how to deal with the media, information on what local management can and can’t do or say and how to coordinate with the organization’s communications staff.