Hawk Organizations

Proactive, risk-aware and attuned to their environment, Hawks view reputation as a key asset and a fundamental input into decision-making. This approach can lead to a long-term, competitive advantage.

Hawks are small birds of prey that can detect not just visible light but ultraviolet light and even magnetic fields. This acuity together with the ability to fly high gives the hawk an unmatched perspective and viewpoint on the environment in which they inhabit. Effective hunters, hawks are also risk-aware, building strong nests and locating them in high and in hard to disturb locations.

Hawk organizations are typically well prepared and are unlikely to be caught off-guard or by surprise. Their perspective, experience and vision mean that hawks not only manage the specific challenge at hand but are also focused on anticipating potential impacts and consequences of issues and events. A Hawk organization’s primary vulnerability is that they become complacent, trusting that everything is in place.

Crisis Management >

A Hawk organization recognizes that its relative strong position comes from constant vigilance. It maintains strong risk management but recognizes that surviving a crisis requires active engagement of leadership and stakeholders not just in response but in preparedness activities.

Issues Management >

Hawks organizations are constantly surveying the horizon enabling them to react quickly, to seize an opportunity or prevent issues from escalating into crises. Hawks must and do work particularly hard to reassure skeptical stakeholders about their intentions, taking steps to engage in meaningful, two-way dialog—even with those naturally opposed to them. This allows them to create a reservoir of goodwill which will further protect them should a crisis situation arise.


Continue to Train & Exercise
Keep going! Without an actual crisis, training and exercising is the only way to prevent a gradual deterioration in those capabilities important for survival.

Test Your Team With A Crisis Management Exercise >

Conduct Research/Enhance CSR 
Keep going! Make sure your CSR programs are aligned with your issues management program, get measurable data about stakeholder perceptions and continue to take advantage of every opportunity to demonstrate your good intentions, values and standing in the community.