Blue Moon Consulting Group was established based on a shared vision & approach—a belief that the current “solutions” to reputational risk are piecemeal and insufficient to really manage the most critical risk organizations face.  Furthermore, we believe that a strategic, holistic approach and a culture that values reputation as fundamental to business strategy, is the only way an organization can maintain an authority to lead, a right to operate, and an expectation of success over the long term.

And while we take what we do very seriously, we also believe a little levity can help build great client relationships, build trust amongst team members, and help us all manage the magnitude of some of the issues and events to which we must respond.

Amie Hixon, Associate Consultant

Aspiring crisis junkie, Amie supports clients with social media listening; stakeholder research; and—in collaboration with the BMCG team—on all aspects of business resiliency and crisis management planning from BIAs to exercising. A double major in Mathematics and Spanish (with a minor in Accounting), Amie leverages her quantitative and qualitative skills to interpret and understand data that impacts decision-making.

Amie is a graduate of Hope College in Holland, Michigan, where she was the President of Global Ambassadors and Captain of the Lacrosse Team. Amie travels widely and currently lives in Boulder, CO.