Issue Area – Business Resiliency

Don’t wait until for a natural disaster, cyber attack, or system failure…

By developing or strengthening your business resilience program now you demonstrate to customers, investors, employees and other stakeholders that you are aware of the risks and can recover quickly, protect your reputation, & meet your strategic objectives no matter what happens.

At Blue Moon Consulting Group, we approach Business Resiliency a bit differently from other consultancies. First, we focus on ensuring that your Business Continuity Plan is closely integrated with your Crisis Management Plan. Traditionally siloed response areas become clear, defined and aligned; meaning you can recover and adjust easily to any disruption or crisis. Second, every member of our team has “in the trenches,” client-side experience—we know what works, what doesn’t and how to build plans that actually perform when you need them.

Resiliency Cycle

Business Impact Analysis: Whether you are beginning or building on an existing program, our BIA tool helps you analyze your organization to identify potential financial and operational impacts of an event; prioritize business functions, processes and dependencies; estimate maximum downtime; and develop your overall strategy.

Plan Development: In collaborative working sessions, we help you create a Business Continuity Plan specifically tailored to the findings from your BIA with defined recovery strategies for your critical processes and in compliance with global standards including ISO 22301 and FFIEC.

Training/Testing/Exercising: Our goal is to move your program from a “paper plan” to a practiced capability. We meet you where you are with exercises that reflect the maturity of your program as well as the experience of the people involved. From tabletops to more complex & challenging multi-day, multi-location exercises, we help ensure that you are ready.

Plan Refinement: Building a robust, documented and tested resilience program is not a one-time effort. It’s an iterative process that reflects your organization’s change, growth, agility and on- going push for improvement. We won’t allow your program to stagnate.

Policy & Governance: Central to your Business Resilience Program is a Policy and Governance component which defines ongoing stewardship of the program—risk assessment; plan develop- ment; and training and exercising. It also includes the management decision-making process at the time of a disruption—typically your Crisis Management Plan. Our focus on aligned plans ensures a focused, coherent, and strategic response when it matters the most.


Blue Moon Consulting Group understands the challenge you face. Our team has worked with clients in all stages of Resiliency and BCP development—from those just starting out to those wishing to innovate or test a mature, sophisticated program. And for organizations facing an IPO, rest assured that we’ve experienced the process ourselves and know how to help you meet the expectations and added scrutiny you’ll face.


One of your most important assets—if not the most important one—is your reputation, so don’t wait until
 a disruption or crisis is upon you. At Blue Moon Consulting Group, our goal is a flexible approach tailored to your unique business and environment. We’ll help you develop and enhance your capability and capacity while expediting your program’s maturity. We address not only your internal compliance objectives but also the expectations of large customers, investors, regulators and future business partners.